The Real Meaning of Authority in Marriage

Jesus is the only valid definition of a husband’s authority in marriage. In my last two posts, I explained that what the Bible mostly teaches us about marriage deals with the heart attitudes husbands and wives should take toward one another. Though many see these scriptures mostly as an explanation of hierarchy and roles, I

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The Problem With Roles in Marriage

The Bible’s instructions on marriage have less to do with “roles” and more to do with attitudes of the heart. In my last post, I explained why I consider myself a megamysterian (as opposed to a complementarian or an egalitarian). The megaysterian idea comes from Ephesians 5:32, where Paul explains that his instructions on marriage come

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Why I’m a Megamysterian

Is it time to drop the labels and investigate the beautiful mystery of the bridal paradigm? As a long-time marriage blogger, I’ve read a lot on both sides of the egalitarian vs. complementarian debate. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that these labels are not very useful in discussing gender roles in marriage because they

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Intimate Connections for Couples

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