Welcome to Heaven Made Marriage. I’m glad you are here!

My sincere desire is to help you enjoy the kind of marriage that God dreams of for you.

Did you know that when God looks at your marriage, he imagines it full of passion, full of intimacy, and overflowing with love and grace? He sees a marriage beyond your wildest dreams. Do you believe such a marriage is available to you?

My central purpose in writing and teaching about marriage is to help you move from the marriage you have now (even if it’s great) to the amazing marriage that’s possible. Regardless of where your relationship is today, the future holds the possibility of more passion, deeper intimacy, a stronger bond of trust, greater freedom and more.

Heaven Made Marriage

Here at Heaven Made Marriage we seek to explore marriage as it has existed in the heart of God since the beginning of time, even before he created the first marriage in the Garden.

If you want a “marriage made in heaven,” you have to start with the fact that heaven made marriage. God himself designed it to work in a certain way, and if you want the best marriage possible, look to him and understand his plan and purpose for your marriage.

That’s what we do here. Together.

The Bridal Paradigm

The Bible refers to the relationship between Jesus and the church using bridal imagery. The spiritual relationship between Christ and the church is intended to be a perfect picture of marriage as God designed it. This is the “profound mystery” the Apostle Paul refers to in his famous chapter on marriage:

‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.’  This is a profound mystery—but I am talking about Christ and the church.

Ephesians 5:31-32

The understanding that we are the bride of Christ is what many refer to in shorthand as “the bridal paradigm.” It’s a vastly rich and beautiful way of understanding God’s heart for marriage.

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I believe that having your heart awakened fully to the love relationship Jesus wants with you is the key to a vibrant, passionate, intimate and enduring relationship with your spouse. God instituted marriage as a living picture of his passionate pursuit of humankind in general and of you and me in particular, and his desire is that every marriage would reflect that kind of unstoppable love.

The love you need to make your marriage great is found in Him.

Take a fresh look at your relationship through the lens of the bridal paradigm, and allow it to propel you to explore, discover and attain the fullest potential in your marriage. It is an exciting journey down the path of intimacy that is available to every Christian couple willing to pursue God’s design for marriage.

As you work together with your spouse to make your marriage a reflection of the love relationship between Christ and the church, I believe God will breathe vibrancy and passion into your relationship to a greater extent than you’ve ever known before.

That’s the beauty of a bridal paradigm marriage fueled by the love of God and covered by the grace of God.

That’s a true Heaven Made Marriage.


Intimate Connections for Couples

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