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The great thing about On A Roll is that it is completely customizable to every couple’s comfort level. That may be a bit daunting for those who aren’t used to openly conversing about their sexual desires and wishes.

I’ve created this page to help those who may struggle to complete their list of pleasures and for those just looking for some new ideas. 

Mix and Match

Use the three lists below, labeled A, B, and C, to create hundreds of pleasurable combinations from which you can choose. Pick an item from each of the three columns to suit your interests and desires. 

In general, it goes like:  “Use your [A] to [B] my [C].” Obviously not every combination makes sense.

  • Example 1: Use your [Hands] to [Massage] my [Feet]
  • Example 2: Use your [Mouth] to [Kiss] my [Breasts]

Kissing Ideas

  • Give me your favorite kind of kiss
  • French kiss
  • Kiss me anywhere and any way you want
  • Kiss me wherever I point to
  • Try not to kiss me back
  • Lightly suck and nibble my lips
  • Kiss me anywhere but the lips
  • Make out like teenagers
  • Give me your most seductive kiss
  • Lie on top of me while you kiss me
  • Kiss me slowly from head to toe

More Ideas

  • Slow dance with me
  • Use soft makeup brushes on my face & neck
  • Use a silk scarf to ______ my _______
  • Run your fingers through my hair
  • Lick a dab of (chocolate sauce/whipped cream, etc) from my _________

Bolder Ideas

  • Show me how you liked to be touched
  • Apply some lotion or oil to my _________
  • Look into my eyes while we pleasure each other
  • Watch me pleasure myself
  • Watch ourselves in a mirror while we  __________
  • Use a vibrator on my ______

Additional Details on Play Variations Listed in the Instructions

  • Fill out each other’s Pleasure List, keeping in mind what your partner would like. Recall past games. The point is to list the kinds of pleasure your partner most enjoys.
  • Increase the time from two minutes to three minutes when a player rolls doubles. You could also use four minutes.
  • For a longer, more varied game, after rolling your Pleasure number, roll a single die to determine how long the pleasure is to last (1 – 6 minutes). Only do this when you have plenty of time. Consider this factor when listing your pleasures.
  • Before the game starts, agree on the winner’s reward (see below)

Winner’s Reward Ideas:

One way to extend the game is to decide together before the game starts what the winner will receive as a reward. There are plenty of possibilities. For example, the winner gets to:

  • Decide what happens next
  • Be in charge for the next _____ minutes
  • Choose which sexual position(s) you will use
  • Decide how & when you each will achieve orgasm
  • Receive oral sex for ______ minutes

You can use a single reward regardless of who wins, or you can each pick something different to receive if you win.

More Play Variations 

  • For a shorter version of the game, grant each player a limited number of turns. The player with the most pleasures checked wins.
  • Switch up the snake eyes roll (2). Instead of your partner receiving a pleasure from their list, have your partner pick a pleasure to give you from your list.
  • Each of you write 12 Pleasures on a separate piece of paper. Your partner then gets to fill in your 10 Pleasures according to his or her preferences and the odds of each roll.

Thoughts on Sexual Communication

One of my purposes for creating On A Roll is to facilitate sexual conversations.

Communicating about sexual desires and wishes can be tricky, especially if you have a history of not communicating or of such communications creating conflict or hurt feelings.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

  • All of the Pleasures you list need to be agreed to by both parties.
  • Use your imagination to create new opportunities for pleasure.
  • Don’t give or use this game to manipulate your more sexually conservative spouse.
  • Don’t shame your spouse for suggesting ideas that you are less comfortable with or that are new to you. Consider a “maybe next time” instead of “no.”
  • Likewise, don’t shame your spouse for being reluctant to try something you are interested in.
  • Not every idea is going to work out how you thought it would. Keep a light-hearted attitude.
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