Who Is Scott?

I’m Scott Means, author and creator of resources that build intimate, passionate and enduring marriages according to God’s design.

As a champion for strong marriages, I’ve been blogging about marriage since 2010, but I’ve been studying, researching and writing about marriage since the early 2000’s.

Scott teaching

In addition, for the past four years my wife, Jenni, and I have been leading marriage small groups in our church based on a curriculum we developed. This engaging 13-week study, “Marriage: Made in Heaven,” is specifically designed to explore the ways in which our marriages can reflect the passionate and intimate relationship between Christ wants to have with us, His Bride, the church.

In the past few years I’ve been developing other written resources for couples, which I will have available in my forthcoming Resources store soon.

Our Family

  • My wife, Jenni, and I met in sixth grade and have been married for more than 30 years. For more about the story of our marriage, check out Our Love Story.
  • Though you won’t see many posts from her here, Jenni is my editor, sounding board, chief encourager and the main inspiration for this ministry. Get to know my beautiful bride by reading more about My One True Love.
  • Although I’ve been blogging since 2010, God has had me on this journey into marriage ministry for much longer. For more details about how I got here, check out My Journey.
  • We have three lovely daughters and a son-in-law, but with all of them out on their own we are now in that empty nest stage of life. The photo below is from my middle daughter’s October 2016 wedding.Family Wedding

Other Random Facts About Me:

  • I was born in Nebraska. Go Big Red!
  • We live in metropolitan Atlanta, where the traffic is dreadful and the summers are too long. Other than that, we pretty much love living here and have been here all of our married life.
  • I am closer to 60 than 50 years of age – still hard for me to believe than one!
  • I am an engineer by training (BSEE from Virginia Tech, MSEE from Georgia Tech)
  • I spent 25 years in engineering and engineering management, but the past few years I’ve been a global product manager for an industrial machinery manufacturer. Engineer friends say I’ve gone over to the dark side.
  • Music has always been a very important part of my life. I’ve been playing the guitar since middle school and have been involved in worship leading since college days. (for the guitar aficionados among you, I play a Taylor 710CE acoustic and a Gibson Les Paul electric.)
  • I have an addiction to ice cream and donuts.
  • I love craft beer, especially anything of the Belgian variety.
  • I would always choose the mountains over the beach, but Jenni sees it the other way around. So we see to it that we get plenty of both every year.

Since this is probably a lot more than anyone actually cares about, I’ll quit here.

And for the rest of the story:

  • For more about my journey into marriage ministry check out “My Journey.”
  • Read the story of our love and marriage at, “Our Love Story.”
  • For a glimpse of my beautiful bride, Jenni, go read “My One True Love.”



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