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There Is Always More

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married; there is always more for you to discover in the future. Even after 38 years of marriage, Jenni and I believe that there is still much more for us to discover and enjoy in our marriage in the months and years ahead. And we are determined to […]

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When Disconnection Creeps In


When you find your level of connection lacking, it’s time to take intentional action. It’s an amazing mystery, literally a mega-mystery, but the Bible declares that Jenni and I are one, just as I am one with Christ (Eph 5:31-32). What an awesome privilege to be joined together in perfect oneness. Intimacy Isn’t Automatic We

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Husbands: Love, Lead, and Serve

love lead serve

The clear scriptural mandate for all husbands is to love, lead, and serve their wives, as Christ does the church. A Men Only Monday Post God designed marriage to be a mysterious partnership, based on Paul’s description of the one-flesh marriage framework described in Ephesians 5: “For this reason a man will leave his father

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Wives: Love, Respect, and Submission

love respect submit

God calls wives to love, respect, and submit their husbands, as to the Lord, and that probably doesn’t mean what you think it means. A Wives Only Wednesday Post As I said in Monday’s post, Husbands: Love, Lead, and Serve, God designed marriage to be a mysterious kind of one-flesh partnership, which Paul’s describes in

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Intimate Connections for Couples

Conversations to spark emotional, physical, and spiritual intimacy in your marriage

Intimate Connections


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