New Beginnings

new beginnings

Whether you are moving through big life changes or hoping for small improvements in your marriage, every day is a chance for new beginnings. Here in the North Georgia mountains, every sunrise greets us with a different display of God’s handiwork. Some mornings it’s a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors painted across the horizon, as in […]

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Be a Treasure Hunter

Be a treasure hunter where your spouse is concerned by seeking, seeing, and speaking the beautiful and praiseworthy in your spouse and marriage. Have you ever heard the principle, “We become what we behold?” Or maybe you’ve heard the adage, “Whatever you focus on grows.” The notion behind both of these sayings is that we

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Your Marriage Has A Rudder

Speak life

Which way are your words steering your marriage? Your words have the power to build up or tear down. Nowhere is that truer than in your marriage. The Bible compares the tongue to the rudder of a mighty ship. Small as it is, it has great power to determine the direction of even the largest

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Is It Time To Change the Culture of Your Marriage?

Every marriage has a culture. What’s yours? When I refer to the culture of your marriage, I’m not referring to your ethnic background but to the prevailing atmosphere between you and your spouse. What are the predominant characteristics that your marriage exhibits? Why Culture Matters One of my favorite business sayings is: Culture eats strategy

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Tips to Keep Your Heart Centered In Thankfulness


Amplify the power of watchfulness by anchoring it in an attitude of thankfulness. As promised, this is a follow up post to yesterday’s Watchfulness post. Recall from last time, those who remain watchful are those who refuse to live their lives on auto-pilot, who keep their spirit, soul, and body awake to all that is going

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Intimate Connections for Couples

Conversations to spark emotional, physical, and spiritual intimacy in your marriage

Intimate Connections


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