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5 Habits to Move Your Marriage From Mundane to Marvelous

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A passionate marriage is a real possibility for any and every couple, regardless of how long you have been married and regardless of your history.

Pump up the Passion is for every couple that longs to discover or rediscover the passion lying dormant beneath the surface of their relationship. It’s time to fan into flame the embers of excitement, delight, joy, and pleasure.

Don’t buy the lie of inevitable marital decline. Don’t settle for a mediocre marriage because you believe it’s the norm. An Intensely passionate in your marriage is within your reach!

In Pump Up the Passion, the second book in my Igniting Intimacy Series, I explain in relevant and practical terms the five habits that are essential to fostering passion in long-term relationships. I give clear insight into how to think about your marriage in radically different terms, where your heart moves from “have to,” past “get to,” and all the way to “want to” when it comes to loving each other deeply and passionately.

Pump up the Passion delivers on the promise of putting the fire back in your heart, the sparkle back in your eyes, and the passion back in your marriage.

And be sure to check out Book 1 of the Igniting Intimacy Series,  The Path of Intimacy.  


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