Intimate Connections eCourse

A Couple's Course for Building Connection and Deepening Intimacy

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Intimate Connections eCourse

Thoughts, Actions, and Conversations That Create Connection

If you aren’t satisfied with the level of intimacy and connection in your marriage (and we don’t think you ever should be), it’s time to challenge yourself to take a fresh approach. The Intimate Connections e-course dares you to do things differently in order to get different results. By following each weekly call to action, you will begin to think, act and communicate in new ways that encourage intimacy to thrive and connection to deepen.

  • 10 Weekly Marriage-Building Topics

    Each lesson, sent weekly by email, is designed to strengthen your connection and grow the intimacy in your relationship.

  • Practical Exercises

    Simple, practical, and enjoyable activities, are designed to bring you together. Step-by-step guidance makes it easy to engage with each other in meaningful ways.

  • Bonus Content

    We've pulled together some of our best posts, articles, book excerpts, and activities to allow you to explore each topic in more detail.

  • Coaching Support

    Contact us by email throughout the course to have questions answered, for help in applying the lessons to your marriage, or to request prayer.

Course Details

You can’t get where you are going if you don’t know where you are. Separate assessments for husbands and wives and a chance to compare notes.

Whatever you focus on tends to grow. Become a “treasure hunter” in your marriage and discover the power of thankfulness and appreciation. You might be surprised at all the things you love about each other.

The love we need to have an intimate marriage is found in Christ. And as believers, we have that very love dwelling inside us. Our task is to get to know the “unknowable” love of Christ, so that we can mirror that love in our relationship.

Making a sincere effort to meet each other’s needs is one of the best ways to build intimacy and trust in your marriage. Because men and women tend to be wired very differently, with very different key needs, it’s especially important to convey your needs clearly to one another.

Purposefully and continually pursuing each other sends the message, “I’m glad I chose you and I would pick you all over again.” Pursuit communicates desire, passion, commitment, and pleasure. 

“Leftover Syndrome” happens when you pour all you have into your job, your kids, your hobbies, your church, and other endeavors, leaving little or nothing left over for each other.

What is financial intimacy, and how do you get on the same page about money?

Many couples struggle to communicate about their sexual relationship because of the deep vulnerability involved. But no area of your marriage has a greater capacity for unimaginable intimacy.

Your marriage will benefit greatly when you each have a thriving personal relationship with Jesus, but your spiritual connection is strengthened the most when you experience him together.

Every couple needs regular doses of laughter, spontaneity, and adventure together to keep passion alive and to reinforce their sense of connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

For many couples, intimacy is an elusive goal. Every couple wants more of it, though many can’t agree on what exactly it is. Couples often struggle with how to get it, and even fewer actually attain it. If this describes your marriage, even a little, take this course and watch the intimacy in your marriage level rise to new heights.

The course is delivered by email. Each of the ten weekly one-page lesson includes three components: Think, Do, and Ask, with associated worksheets and bonus material to help you dig deeper.

Intimacy is more than a euphemism for the sexual dimension of your marriage. It involves the entirety of your being: spirit, soul (mind, will, emotions), body, and more. Intimacy means “being fully known, and completely loved” in every area of your marriage. It involves learning to be “naked without shame” with each other in all things. These are the things this course helps you explore.

Every couple will benefit from making their connection a higher priority. Whether you are in a good marriage and want it to be great or in a tough marriage that needs new hope, this course can help. The truth is there is always more intimacy available than what you are experiencing today.

Here at Heaven Made Marriage, what we believe about marriage is based on biblical principles. However, the truths we teach in this course will help any couple, believers and non-believers, to develop a stronger, deeper connection.

For maximum benefit, we recommend that couples take the course together. Many of the exercises will be done together, although there will also be assignments for each of you to do on your own. While the course can certainly benefit someone taking it without their partner, the greatest impact will be when couples complete the course together.

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