Just Start!

Planning a change and making a change are two very different things! I mentioned back in August my intention to launch a totally new website. I thought then I would have it done by October. It didn’t happen.

Be a Haven

When life’s challenges press in on your spouse, you can be haven they need. I would rather spend time with my darling wife, Jenni, than anyone else on the planet. When life gets crazy, difficult, stressful or frustrating, she is a haven for me. What does it mean to be a haven for your spouse? …

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The Choice That Could Determine If You Stay Married

Every emotional interaction with your spouse goes one of three ways. Only one way is helpful. Dr. John Gottman, a relationship researcher, performed a study on newlywed couples a few years back. His team observed how the couple interacted with each other during what he calls “emotional bids.” Dr. Gottman describes bids this way: A …

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Intimate Connections for Couples

Conversations to spark emotional, physical, and spiritual intimacy in your marriage

Intimate Connections


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