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A Husband’s Sexual Surrender

Nurture your wife’s sexuality in a loving and patient way that cooperates with rather than punishes her for the way she is wired.

A Men Only Monday Post

I am addressing husbands on the topic of sexual surrender. I’ll be addressing wives in my next post.

[Note: this post assumes the 75-80% majority case in which you, as a husband, have the higher sex drive. Many of the steps toward sexual surrender below can still provide helpful insight, but you may also want to read my post for wives.]

For a husband, sexual surrender starts with the understanding that for your wife, sexual oneness flows best out of emotional oneness. I’m not suggesting you hide or deny your sexual desires or your sexual nature – these are God-inspired and God-given. What I am suggesting is that you must acknowledge that you are joined to a woman who doesn’t work the same as you do when it comes to sex. Your sexual surrender means understanding and cooperating with rather than working against your wife’s sexual nature.

Toward Sexual Surrender

  • Don’t accuse her of being sexually cold just because she isn’t constantly after your body the way you are after hers. That’s generally an unrealistic expectation.
  • Develop or enhance your romantic nature to satisfy your wife’s desire for emotional intimacy. It’s not acceptable to simply say “I’m not the romantic type.” Find your own way of romantic expression and emotional connection, but find it just the same. She needs this from you.
  • Scripturally, the “rights” to your wife’s body belong to you. Likewise, she has the rights to yours. (1 Cor 7:3-4). For me, these verses speak more to mutual sexual fulfillment than simply the act of sex. Viewing these verses through the lens of surrender implies that you must focus more on fulfilling her desires than your own.
  • Sexual surrender implies cherishing and nurturing your wife’s sexuality as your own. “In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. After all, no one ever hated his own body, but he feeds and cares for it, just as Christ does the church.” (Eph 5:28-29) Make sure you are feeding and caring for your wife’s sexual nature, not crushing and reshaping it for your own self-satisfaction.
  • Part of your sexual surrender includes loving your wife “as if.” What I mean is that even though your nature is to require sexual satisfaction before feeling emotionally connected to your wife, I challenge you to give yourself emotionally and romantically to your wife “as if” you are already completely satisfied sexually. In other words, you go first in surrendering.

Surrender in the sexual arena can be among the more challenging aspects of your Journey to Surrender. Sex is not only an emotionally charged topic that comes with all kinds of historical baggage but dealing with it requires vulnerability and trust. Regardless, I encourage you to face your sexual surrender head-on, with confidence, love, and grace, no matter where you are in your sexual relationship. There is always room for more sexual intimacy in your marriage.

Your Goal: Christ-like Love

As a husband, you have the chance to demonstrate Christ-like loving leadership of your marriage through your sexual surrender. Rather than pushing your wife for the sexual satisfaction you desire, pull her into deeper sexual intimacy by meeting her need for emotional connection and romantic encounters. Nurture her sexuality in a loving and patient way that cooperates with rather than punishes her for her nature.

If you want to deepen sexual intimacy in your marriage, you must lead the way.

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