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12 Reason to Never Stop Dating Your Spouse

One of the best things you can do for your marriage is to have regular time together away from the demands of everyday life.

Keep DatingToday I’m launching into a new series on dating your spouse.

Over the course of the next few posts, I’ll be sharing date night tips as well as some helpful results of my Date Night poll.

For example, one interesting finding is how many couples are struggling to fit in a regular date.  In my survey of over a hundred couples, 47% of respondents were either somewhat or very unhappy about the frequency of their dates. Only 10% were very happy. Clearly, there is a lot of room for improvement in most marriages – probably in yours too. Don’t be discouraged! You are not alone!

My hope is that this series will inspire you as well as assist you in taking your dating game o the next level. You can do this!

Why You Need to Keep Dating Your Spouse

I’m sure you’ve seen lists like this before.

  1. Dating your spouse says to him or her, “I still choose you.”
  2. It provides time together that intimacy and connection requires
  3. It demonstrates your priorities and commitment
  4. It keeps romance in the relationship
  5. It’s a way to pursue each other
  6. It allows for uninterrupted communication
  7. It lets you step away from the craziness of everyday life
  8. It keeps passion alive
  9. It’s a chance to experience new things together
  10. It’s a good excuse to dress up for each other
  11. It sets a great example for your kids
  12. Dates are fun!

And many, many more!

Don’t Wait for Someday

You’ve no doubt read lists like this before and thought, “yeah, we really need to do better.” Then you probably went on with your Iife and forgot all about it.

I understand how life crashes in and thoughts of date night fade into the distance. It seems like one more thing you need to squeeze into your schedule. And it isn’t so urgent, right? It’s just too hard to go on dates with any consistency, and there are so many reasons it just doesn’t seem possible right now. Maybe someday.

Maybe someday when the kids are older.

Maybe someday when work isn’t so demanding.

Maybe someday when I’m not so tired.

Maybe someday when we have more money.

The problem with waiting for someday is that someday never comes. There will always be reasons that continuing to date each other is difficult, no matter the season of life you find yourself in.

Regardless of the obstacles, whether you’ve been married 4 months or 40 years, you need to keep dating for all the reasons listed above and more.

Time For Action

You probably know all this already. Now is the time actually do something about it!

There are always things that seem more urgent and demanding, but the truth is that dating your spouse is both important and urgent. The life of your marriage may depend on making regular time together a priority. If you let the habit of skipping dates go on for too long, eventually you will stop missing it. And that is dangerous!

The first step in making any significant change is inside of you. You start by resolving in your heart to do what it takes to make regular dates a reality. There will be costs in time, in money, in planning, in inconvenience, and maybe even in stress. But it will be worth it! 

There is little else that is as important to your marriage as finding time for just the two of you, away from the demands of everyday life . It is one important aspect of keeping your marriage strong for the long haul.

Stay tuned for more on Date Night in coming posts.

Need A Little Romance Help?

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This series on dating your spouse has been extracted, amended, and updated from the popular series on my old blog, Journey to Surrender.

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  1. 5. It’s a way to pursue each other. I think this is a really under rated component of a happy, healthy marriage. People often think that pursuing each other is over after the wedding ceremony. But you have to keep pursuing each other throughout your marriage. This keeps each other interested and shows your desire for them and for the relationship itself.

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